24 May 2014

Lycamobile (Australia) Mobile Internet setting for Android (Galaxy S4)

Lycamobile Australia have a very good value for money prepaid phone cost BUT very unreliable customer support.

The network will not detect the internet setting automatically. When asked the support team for setting configuration by text, the answer is NO.

We can find the APN setting easily through website of provider but it will not work.

Email the support team with my problem, very speedy the wrote back (IMPRESSED) but with the similar information I got from homepage (like below)


By now 24hrs gone and I left 29 days usages day before the package expire but i still unable to access to internet. I started to have doubt with my vision or brain function so triple check the parameters I input… maybe I did it wrong !!

So… 36hrs later I still wondering WTF with me… how come I am such a looser. Not giving up was my method when deal with technical difficulty. Dial Lycamobile enquiry line again. As usual a gal answered (and they speak like they are Aussie though they are not ) and I patiently brief her my problem. I know the lucky star was with me because she pointed out 2 entering need to change (which totally again the instruction provided by the company) Once  I did that… immediately the connection shown.

Therefore  I decided to put up here on the Network Access Point setting that finally work with my Samsung Galaxy S4 after 36hrs of on going troubleshooting as below :


NAME => you can enter anything as the combination given by Lycamobile kind of ugly

APN => must be careful. No mistake

Password =>  plus


The wrong information provided by Lycamobile team which the lady who spoke to me at my final called never repeat are :

Authentication type  =>  None

APN type => default

Once I get these to value change, immediately the connection pop out.


Also, you need to select both “Mobile Data” and “Data Roaming” boxes for the connection.

Lastly, the instruction given by Lycamobile always end with TURN Off you phone and than Turn on again….. RUBBISH !!!


moncy kokkan simon said...

Thanks maaan...it is working ....i had the same problem...and bcoz of this post it worked... you daved my GB...thanks

ahmad faisal muda said...

Auch!!! Thanks man!! after 1 year okay, we're struggling on how to get rid of the R sign!!! finally i can use my data without wifi.. but.. how to make the R dissapear.. it still there..

Soo Jeat Wang said...

The simcard coudlnt work on samsung phone but it was able to work on iPhone. Thanks for your settings, it is working now.

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much..

Anonymous said...

Thanks. its been of great help.

Unknown said...

Went throught same from online n it worked for me too. Watch the videos for each phone its simple. I m tired why cant be get rid of r sign plus turning the data roaming on is unnessary burden to battery. Samsung shud do somethin abt it. I used someone else sim it worked fine but lyca was givin prob fro m day one by not turning on Internet. Now I can play pokeman yahoo

Sonal said...

Thank you so much. After so many tries, finally my mobile data is working.

Delight Madujibeya said...

Yessssssssssssssssssssssssssss. It worked. Thank you.

humpsof brisbane said...

I have a Microsoft Lumia 640 and found all advice for internet connection from Lycamobile & other web sites unsuccessful. Lycamobile had me on hold for 1/2 hour several times without any response (and no responses to email). After 7 days into my no service data plan, following your guide - adapting to the Lumia 640 criteria - immediate success. Thank you so much!

Tarun Verma said...

You can call Lycamobile Customer Service Number to ask any question about phone

ARIEF MD NOR said...

Thanks man!! It's work!!
Regards from Malaysia

Simon said...

Yeah but no MMS messages... that sucks! Anyone know a workaround for that? I have call customer service and they say no MMS on Lycamobile.... what? Are we living in the stone age?

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for this post . It helped me big time .

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Neema said...

In my case,I am able to use data,but not able to make or receive any calls..can anybody help me