04 January 2016

My Oppo Problem => App force shut down

Oppo Oppo Oppo.... I let go Samsung Galaxy and opt to go for you because you are less expensive and you look as cool  too.
However, just slightly more than 1 month into using you.... now you give me problem.

Since 3 days ago I reliased that my ever busy Whatsapp not buzzing me like always. I only know that I have new message arrived when I open the app.

So what's wrong ??? I think I know... few days ago I was free at work so I began to browse thru the phone setting. I played with power saving option, brightness etc. I suspect I had activated battery saving function which brought to my present problem which is ALL APPs force close after the phone not active for a duration. 
Now I tried to look for this function to set it back to original BUT no luck to locate the function.

My final decision was to restore my R7s back to factory mode. YES... a big disaster for me but if I don't do so, the smartphone will not be as smart anymore because no app running behind the screen when i am not touching it.

So I going to do it now.... folder ... folder ... folder..... ARE YOU SURE GOING TO RESET  ?


All gone. Time to spend a few hours to setup the phone again.


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