25 February 2016

End of Summer–Sumflower

Summer coming to end soon… another few days there enter autumn.

This year I tried to grow sunflower in the garden. However, I started late therefore no chance to see my little plant turn into meter high giant sunflower.


Also, I think I got the mini specie because my yellow flowers kind of small in diameter. Next summer I will try to improve my skill.

02 February 2016

UBank new App ----> Hopeless

I am a long term customer of UBank and hardly encounter problem with the bank.

I am very comfortable with the old App as it is easy to utilize.

On 1 beautiful day of Jan 2016, I received an email from UBank informing me that the website and app would be updated to new layout. Wow... awesome. Sooooo looking forward for it.

I think I installed the new App (which replaced my old App) end Jan..... Look at the layout ::::

Pretty COOL yeah.... no problem to login and do my standard transactions. No complain !!

Then TWO days ago..... another new update notification came in. As usual, I just run it and updated. Never open it because I no need to perform any transaction then.

DISASTER pop out this morning when I need to make some cash transfer.


Reason is SECURITY requirement. Follow the notice... shutdown all the apps in used (which was easy because my phone got a WIPE everything function)
Back to the DAMN USELESS UBank App, login n same notice flash...

NOW I have problem..... what the hell is this "LUX" thing ??? How I going to get it done ??

Common UBank smart arse.... there are many big banks out there implement App to their customers and all of them simplify and user friendly. NOW you introduce an update version that making old man like me facing problem.

NOT Smart mate..... ur bank destiny to be phase out soon.
For next few months, I will stay put as your almost dead customer (going to transfer my fund out) and eventually you will not hearing any word from me.....


Open Live Writer

Gone are Windows Live Writer (which happened mid 2015) and now I found the replacement (equivalent)  :

Open Live Writer



Took me less than 5 mins to download and setup. Now it is all ready for me to carry out my crazy blogging.

I would not miss Windows Live Writer because  I found out Open Live Writer just as similar. I hope more people already know this solution and busy using it now.

22 January 2016

My Oppo Problem => Phone won't turn on

Today I have the scare of my life when I reliased that my Oppo R7s cannot turn on after battery run out. Panic and worry for 2 hours looking for solution. Well, eventually it back to normal again of cause.

What happened was I have the habit of not charging the phone although it start to flash reminder of 20% left, follow by 10% and finally 5%. The old fashion brain still believe I should fully drain the battery before I plug it to USB cable.

For this 2mths old Oppo, my previous experience was once it drain and force turn off. The phone will display a low bar sign on screen with notice said battery TOO low. Wait before turn on.

However, this afternoon when I connected it to the cable. Nothing happen. YES. NOTHING !! Like the phone is a plastic or wood. Since the battery is in build to the phone body, I am not able to execute my normal action on the old Samsung Galaxy -> Removed the back cover and pull out the battery then put back.

What I can do then was left the phone in charging position at the same time surf the Oppo Community forum. Surprise Surprise..... there were a few discussion on this strange situation and a few different models being mentioned too.
Experts comment was continue charging it. Later Press this button together with that buttons. Removed battery and their final comment was bring to service centre if all fail.

Of cos I already did all these press, shake, knock, throw, left inside rice container etc etc.
What to do, look for the box and receipt. All ready to ship back to the place I bought the phone (which is 8hrs away by air)

Just as all this in progress, I casually pressed the ON button (the phone still in charging condition) and just like always the screen blink and there go my OPPO word appeared and in few sec time... the phone is back to me. Piu......

My comment about this scary encounter =>  OPPO know the phones have this problem and they have to come out with a solution yet.

04 January 2016

My Oppo Problem => App force shut down

Oppo Oppo Oppo.... I let go Samsung Galaxy and opt to go for you because you are less expensive and you look as cool  too.
However, just slightly more than 1 month into using you.... now you give me problem.

Since 3 days ago I reliased that my ever busy Whatsapp not buzzing me like always. I only know that I have new message arrived when I open the app.

So what's wrong ??? I think I know... few days ago I was free at work so I began to browse thru the phone setting. I played with power saving option, brightness etc. I suspect I had activated battery saving function which brought to my present problem which is ALL APPs force close after the phone not active for a duration. 
Now I tried to look for this function to set it back to original BUT no luck to locate the function.

My final decision was to restore my R7s back to factory mode. YES... a big disaster for me but if I don't do so, the smartphone will not be as smart anymore because no app running behind the screen when i am not touching it.

So I going to do it now.... folder ... folder ... folder..... ARE YOU SURE GOING TO RESET  ?


All gone. Time to spend a few hours to setup the phone again.