31 August 2012

Writing on Public Park

oh…. the lazy me hardly share my Beijing trip experience over my blog. Just reliease I had took this interesting picture during one of my casual outing.

Look at what this guy doing !!

BJ word

I have no idea whether he is practicing his calligraphy or making a statement by writing some very nice Chinese characters on the street surface… by just using water. This mean the words will be gone after a short period of time…. what a waste as it should be appreciated by more peoples !

Of cause this is not the only interesting scene I bumped into when in the parks…. because I believe you guys would not like to see the photos of aunties doing TaiChi in pajama or uncles in old short pants played tennis lookalike game in the field right ?


Anonymous said...

its a common sight in china..life is wonderful for them after 50yo cos govt pay them money every mth & if they buy personal insurance, they hv money to spent fm both sides. Thats why, so many PRC r workg in Singaland..they laff at SG old workers stil workg in MAc,KFC,etc.after 50yo & our govt said can work still 65 yo lor !! our PRC cols said they work here,go back country, S$ convert chinese yuan x5 ...very rich. retire early & at 50yo, govt still pay them monthly expenses. So shiok, where to enjoy, of coz park lar, drink tea lar, gossips, shopping & afternoon nap..evening dinner, TV..sui

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