30 August 2012

Leaking Nose

Started having flu upon my return to Asian for 2 weeks vacation. Blow my nose non-stop since than. Thought it would getting better upon return to KoalaLand but no luck…. the pipe above my lips leak worst than before….. as for yesterday, I reliased that the skin around my nose feel pain everything I clear my nose with toilet roll (tissue not practical at this stage as I consumed 1/2 roll in 3hrs duration)

Went to pharmacy beg the chemist for help. As usual he recommend the strongest tablet (which I already took and no more stock)

Told him about the pain around my face due to extreme rubbing and he told me below gel can help reduce pain.


I have never hear or use this gel before ? Out of desperate, heart pain pain (cost not little) also have to buy. Used it around my broken pipe for last 24 hrs. Wow…. it cooling effect gel did magic to take away the pain…… now I can continue pressing and squeezing my nose to clear those leaking liquid…

However, in most of the occasion after my clearing…. all the gel will removed too soooooo pain come again….. grrrrrrrrrrrr…. apply more … apply more… what to do  !!


Anonymous said...

Au is cool air & dry weather now. Asia is humid & wet. juz nice yr body resistance lvl low,so u get the flu. nasal gel not common here. but yr running nose is a real bad one. sui

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