01 September 2012

WhatsApp no more secure

One of the best feature of smartphone is they provide the user with useful App which made life easy. Among these these, WhatsApp the messenger service software is my top vitamin. I used it to communicate with my friends and family in almost real time with almost zero cost.

However, recently this popular App started to give me an insecure feeling. I heard of other users said they received nonsense promotion messengers from unknown source and very soon I got one myself. Let me show it here !


The question is how this group of people obtained my phone contact ??? I never list my no in public or simply thrown around to anyone and now I reliased my no could be easily reach the hand of this people who try to con my into their scam.

For now I would put up with this uncomfortable feeling and continue using the App but if situation get worst… I would stop using it and begin a campaign to encourage others not to use this App too…..

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

oh oh..tis is no gd, then i count myself lucki i no recd such scam yet. sui