31 July 2012

Precious Pets

If you have a loving pet and this pet gone to heaven…. what would you do ? To me… simple… dig a hole at garden .. put the carcass in than cover it up. End of story.

Could you believe pet lovers would paid $$$$ for their companion funeral ? I extracted below information from yesterday newspaper…


According to the funeral manager… some of the grave yard already full and they have to open new location for more pets body.

Crazy or just too lonely !???


Anonymous said...

In Spore, aso hv ah. Msia aso hv. My frenz pet turtle aso do like that.

u shd check wif yr dear abt precious Bailey. mayb she got a special plc liao. sui

Ah Tom said...

For Bailey... my backyard already specially dedicated to her... closer mah.. kakakaka