30 July 2012

Wanton Noodles lunch

Just had a tiny bowl of Prawn Wanton Noodles for lunch…. at the price half from standard Asian store menu… 


 Sound interesting right ? How could this happened ?

Easy…. have it at home lar…. nah… my solution !


Pre-pack microwave ready (4mins) box which everybody can grab it from supermarket cold foods corner. The auntie in the photo looked kind of stylish right ? She made the package more promising lor.

This was how the raw foods look like when I removed the air tight wrapping.


Lot of prawn but very very little noodles… grrrrrrrrrr… hardly can fill up my dinosaur stomach.


Very simple preparing instruction right ? Good for dummy eater like me. 3 mins inside microwave I could smell the nice foods fragrant. Good feeling.

When I sit down to have the 1st taste, I picked the wanton…. surprisingly the skin was super gentle and the prawn damn fresh/sweet. Noodles too are great. What a deal.

Turned around the box and look for the manufacturer. Need to guess where it from ?

Produced in Thailand … wow… Thai auntie very good in Microwave dishes oh !!! Clap Clap Clap….

Lastly… one more exciting piece of news…. the black container very handy soooooo I KEEP it for future cooking used…. weeeeee

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

OMG! tis BRAND CP is soooooo sooooo good in whatever stuffs they comes out. Am so glad you can get it at yr store. My freezer cant go without CP wantons. This is the latest edition,comes with noodles. But they still sells juz the wantons,,really 1 whole big prawn inside. NTUC tried to copy them,sell cheaper but taste lose out alot alot !!

I always buy CP brand honey wings, BBQ wings, mexican hot drumlets, nuggets,etc. SUI