01 August 2012

Magnolia Again !!!

This is not the first time I blog about Magnolia (should be 3rd times… hehehehe) but I just can’t control my excitement when these flowers started to blossom from their bold branches.


For today, I only put up the pink type but I may blog AGAIN the white Magnolia when it blossom.

The fact is the trees give out flowers twice a year… once during autumn when the trees still full with green leafs (which not too exciting to me) and the second season is end of cold winter to early spring when all left on the trees are dried branches. It is an unique experience for me to witness the stage by stage changes of the flowering process started with the buds from the edge of the branches until the flowers fully open up.


I just never get tire of staring at them during this period. Such a romantic soul.

Additional photo…. the shape of magnolia buds before blossom.