25 February 2012

TV Classification

Gone blogging-less for days again….. no mood to look at notebook screen. Too busy with TV as the new season of big series just arrived and it flood my recorder with episode after episode of drama.

Need to start typing or else I will not back to this site. Let me put up a photo I shot from the TV screen. It is a standard for the tv stations to put up a short announcement about the content of the program they going to show before the start of the program.

Mostly would be “suitable for children”, “Not suitable for children below 15” blah blah blah…

How often you come across such a strong classification ?

2012-02-20 20.50.09

Yes, I am a very loyal viewer a brand new series which fit above classification. Can you imaging how harsh this series was ? Wow… it get my stick to my chair from ep to ep……

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Anonymous said...

What title of this drama? sui