25 February 2012

Another pairs of new shoes

Shoe again ! Yes, I bought another new pairs of shoes today. Nah….

2012-02-25 17.26.57

Tell me does it look anything like female design ?

Why I asked this question ? hehehehe…. the largest size available is 12 which is much size. The sales told me it is for lady but look at it…. no Pink ! no Orange or Red. So who care…. BUY !

The reason for buying this shoes was can claim back from work. Next week closing date for submission to claim, therefore better grab one pair.

And the main reason for me to pick this pair are ……

2012-02-25 17.27.19

Vibram…… the designer used Vibram based which is a good material (according to some expert lar) So now I got 2 pairs of quality shoes with me…. so happy.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

i tot sport shoes are designed with differences fm women & men feet?

u feel any different when u walk? sui