06 February 2012

A Special photo after Pride March

Have a very interesting photo to share here… X rated type.

Okay, when the march came to end of the street, some of the peoples who participated start to walk away from the line…. among them were these few cute boys who dressed up like lady (with bikini). They were stop by some Japanese tourist for photo due to their cute appearance.

I managed to snap the 1st photo which was this …

2012-02-05 14.49.19

Cute right ? Wait…. got more cute one coming up next….

Instead of dismiss, the guy on the far right (with orange bra) shout out loud…. ONE MORE PICTURE WITH XXXX OUT !

2012-02-05 14.49.29

mmmmmm….. the hand leg fast me managed to have another snap…. oh gosh…. so cute…. you guy saw what is OUT ???

1 comment:

S. K. Wald said...

Wow, I haven't been to a pride event in years. Thanks for sharing. Cute boys in dresses and bikinis are always fun ;)