07 February 2012

Blog got REMOVED

This was what I saw 2hrs ago when I tried to access to my site !!!!


REMOVED !!!! What ? No more blogging… why ?? Why ?? WHY ??

Excited and panic at the same time.

Excited because got official excuse to stop wasting time type my stupid blog day to day. Panic is a nature mah… after all…. I used this site for more than 3 yrs already.

Just as I started to look for answer, JJ email came in….. asked me why I closed my blog. Wow…. my blog do have reader oh ! Embarrassed smile

The login site informed me that the server detected illegal activities with my account so have to suspend my site. To recover it, I need to do verification with the server. After a few mins of click her click there… my site back to normal again…. oh… time to do blogging again.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

haha.ur blog so hot still got illegal activities involved. I kanna on FB too on my maplestory & rest.city..mayb too much Mil of dollars legacy there.hahaha. When i cant log in, i wrote in..dun expect any reply fm them...but i did get a response..showing me how many hackers tried to xxx it. shock news to me..try to change my password every frequent as possible. sui