08 February 2012

Connect 4 Less

Time to make a free promotion for a mobile phone SIM Card. It is a prepaid SIM provided by Optus which suitable for Aussie user to made local and overseas from one card.

2012-02-08 18.21.49

Know of this package sometime ago but only found it very attractive (new calling price) when I search for a new provider early this week. Order above pack online for $10 (which have the similar value upon activate the card) and got the package delivery to my box free of charges. Awesome right ?

Quick summary of it main advantage !

Flagfall   $0.23      Local Call  $ 0.10/min

International call =====>  $0.02 / min  (to Malaysia & many more countries)

As Mr Petty which did lot of survey on various brand, above prices are very good for a branded network (Optus is one of the top 3 telco in KoalaLand)  However, I am not able to activate my new SIM immediately because current lousy card still got lot of balance…. hehehehe… who want to chat with me ???

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Anonymous said...

not me.. my phone bills will shoot up!hehe.sui