09 February 2012

A Car of $%@#$@#

Maybe u can help me to create a title for this blog…..

It happened on noon time when I passed by this unique red sedan parked along a busy street….

2012-02-09 13.49.26

U see those stuffs inside the car ? The only empty space in the car was the driver seat…. nah….. next photo zoom to the back seat (I not dare to get closer… act like checking msg when snap these photos)

2012-02-09 13.49.47

What made the owner did so to this poor car ??? Any logic explanation ???? Look at the back window ????

2012-02-09 13.49.53

Reason ? Why only PLASTIC BAGS and NEWSPAPER ???!????? It is Cool to be so ????

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

seriously! i cant make out why he put those things all over??? eccentric?? abnormal?? sui