05 February 2012

Photos from Pride March

Today is the Pride March day (one of the bigger Gay & Lesbian community function for the city of Melbourne) and the event happened along Fitzroy Street of St Kilda, just 10mins by foot from my apartment.

2012-02-05 14.08.02

It’s my 1st experience to be on the street to witness such fun event (as I missed out last year march it held on CNY than) Arrived at the marching point 40mins before the event begin and already full of crowd all over the street.

The lesbian mummy team which have mummy pushing their kids on wheels.

2012-02-05 14.13.00

Victoria Police support team on the move…

2012-02-05 14.14.24

Sex worker representative….. wow…. this one awesome…. on the street sexy sexy at daylight…

2012-02-05 14.16.16

Victoria Bear club…. cute chubby boys on the move.

2012-02-05 14.16.52

And the event will not be so interesting without these super pretty Ah Kua (transvestite). The are night spot performers. Each photo represent different night spot (more to come)

2012-02-05 14.18.57

2012-02-05 14.19.19 She is so tall……

Team JOY 94.9, Australia only Gay & Lesbian radio station… cheer !!

2012-02-05 14.21.31

From politic front, Labor Party branch… Rainbow Labor (I am pro Labor so I never take photo of Liberal team)

2012-02-05 14.24.50

Another night spot, DnM…. had almost naked sexy boys carry the banner…

2012-02-05 14.27.25

More cute Ah Kua from Robarta…..

2012-02-05 14.28.202012-02-05 14.28.29

This photo precious… look at the lady on the right (in orange dress)… his Neh Neh (breasts) extreme huge…

2012-02-05 14.28.36

This one I am not sure what the represent because I am too busy checking out the few Asian Ah Kua at the back of this white dress Ah Kua (forget to take the photo of Asian Ah Kua….. Sorry Sorry)

2012-02-05 14.28.57

Melbourne gay man only rugby team…. Chargers !!! cute sport man lead the march.

2012-02-05 14.31.00

Ah… science fiction club ??? The members all dressed up in fiction characters… especially Star War !

2012-02-05 14.39.11

2012-02-05 14.39.20

Manhunt team…. online gay business webpage… again…. see sexy body !!

2012-02-05 14.39.51

Last photo dedicated to mature drag Queen. He must be special or famous because he got lot of attention.

2012-02-05 14.42.29

The Parade last more than 1 hour…. love the spirit of the peoples from the city who come to see the march. Lot of straight peoples cheer the march too. Know it because they came with family.

This event also attracted many foreign visitors… for example : ME !!

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