10 January 2012

My tea time bite

Have to get back to this site to put up some posting….  don’t stay away too long or else you will totally cut off from blogging….

…. and I found a good excuse to start my new blogging….. it is on my new adventure on trying something I don’t know in cafe.

This is burek……. mmmmm… look nice in the display so point point at one of this (which is Apple filling) and one of that (which was cherry filling)

2012-01-10 16.21.22

The guys heat it up and served in warm. One bite…. lovely ! Good deal.

Asked the worker (which was an indian lady look human) of where burek origin from…. Dummy answer me EUROPE !!! Shifty

What to do, Google it and got the answer : Burek is a type of pastries from Turkey.

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