11 January 2012

Vegemite –> “Australia”

Vegemite, one of the famous KoalaLand icon (as well known as Koala or Kangaroo) This is the common Vegemite label in the market.

I had a small bottle inside my kitchen cabinet, opened since 1yr ago and still hardly touch it…… I am not sure by when I will finally fall in love with this hot like Lady GaGa stuff ?


However, I have the practise to carry 1 or 2 bottles back to BolehLand in each of my return trip because a very special lady of mine just loved Vegemite. At least I no need to crack my head on what to get for her in coming meeting.

Just as I get ready to fill up my luggage with another bottle than I spotted ad on TV of changed of label for a special period of time to below sign…


No “Vegemite” printed like always, instead replaced with “Australia”. It is the special edition for coming Australia Day celebration. Very clever way of marketing, at least they managed to make me rush all the way to the supermarket to grab one bottle on the same day of the ad.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

my no.1 fave item with plain white porridge when i was 5-12yo. can eat it for lunch & dinner. sometimes, sprinkle some pork floss on top it...lagi yummy. sui