08 January 2012

Pretty Doggy

This is a back dated posting.

Saw these 2 super cute doggy a few times at a busy commercial street since last year. Usually just act cool and walked on but not on this Sunday. The owner (a couple) always had coffee at the same cafe when I spotted them.

Since I am in good mood, I stop and asked permission from the owner to take photos with  an excuse to show my niece.

2012-01-08 14.55.56

Don’t you agree they are pretty gorgeous !!!

One more photo…. this one closed up to the female doggy….. mah… see anything special on her ?

2012-01-08 14.56.03

Love the pink ribbon. So girlie…. not bitch at all.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

hello lion dog.... how come no owners convert their doga to panda dog or tiger dog? i wld love to see them. sui