02 January 2012

Magic Bottle

The summer heat getting into me since last week. My desired for cold fresh water became so strong.

Until now, I only store bottle of fruit juice inside fridge. No fresh plain water. Mainly because the tap water are so cold therefore I just collect directly from there if I want water to cure thirst.

However, this solution became less effective on last few days because the tap water started to feel less cold. This magic glass bottle just came at the right time, saw it in Aldi moment ago… without second thought I grabbed 3 bottles.

2012-01-02 15.55.34

I like this glass bottle design since long ago but it usually cost a lot in ordinary shops. Thanks to super Aldi, less than $1.50 a bottle. Super price.

Going to have my 1st taste of plain cold water from fridge tonight… weeee

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