03 January 2012

Domino again

Have not put my $$ into the casher of commercial pizza outlet (Domino & Pizza Hut) for a long time. Don’t know why suddenly think of having one so visit the Domino after 2pm. As usual, they always have some super deal which meet my budget. For today, this one….

2012-01-03 14.39.32

Chicken… BBQ sauce…. Bacon…. good…

2012-01-03 14.50.05

Only managed to push in 90% of it… the last slice had to give it a miss. Very cheese so expecting going to have a hard time when come to dinner time.

One of the main satisfaction of having commercial pizza is the edge of the pizza always well baked and crispy. It give out a very nice flavour when chew it. Pizza I bought from domestic store usually just cooked, lack of the brownish colour on the edge which I like.

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Anonymous said...

ah..waste 1 pc.. tao bao home for dinner lar! A$1.158 down the drain.sui