27 December 2011

Chilli Relish Burger

KFC latest promotion meal named as Chilli Relish Burger mmmmm…. sound like could be another fake SPICY related gimmick again but no choice…. curiosity bring uncle to the order counter again.

This was what I got for my set meai, at $9+

2011-12-26 18.42.30

Look at the size of the bun, it is so not KCF style…  the size of the burger look much more bigger than any of the standard menu the ever serve. The next surprise was the chicken sandwich between the buns was a healthy meat… not oily or soft. Just a firm nice piece of meat, I think breast meat (which I don’t really enjoy) but great to know I do able to eat healthy from fast-food outlet…. occasionally lar

Still cannot believe it, KFC do really serve a burger which not Mini size… It it up boy.

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Anonymous said...

new menu for aussie only.not in SG! 9++ a expensive meal even its a bigger burger ..i dun breast meat too..i like thigh meat. Sui