19 November 2011

Beef Noodle

When I heading to city on afternoon, I already have a plan for my dinner… no McD, no KFC or Nando…. I want to have Asian food tonight. The problem is I already tried out so many Asian stores in the CBD and most of them just serve average taste dishes…. not really worth to revisit.

So come 6pm…. tummy started to scream for attention. Time to bet my luck on dinner. The search end very fast… less than 10mins…. my eyes attracted by a Chinese restaurant which have name sound like from China and the pictures of noodle on the glass window look nice… so here come dinner.

1st question to the waiter. YOUR cook from China ?

Answer : Yes…. so good… will not pick Singapore MeeHoon (which offer in the menu)

2011-11-19 18.54.28

I ordered a noodle (above photo) which have a very strange name (in Chinese, sound like broken bridge something)  I love the noodle…. light n soft. Easy in mouth.

The noodle came together with  a plate of stewed beef (a BIG plate and I not a beef guy)  Look at this picture, I promise you… the served is for 2 peoples at least…

2011-11-19 18.54.39

The risk I took to ask for beef paid off well because this stewed beef were nicely cooked and the smell of beef not that strong… the miserable part was after half way thru my meal…. my stomach shout enough…..

How ah !?? Still got so many on the plate….. so continue slowly chewed until eventually I jaw also turned tire…. Gave up at the end… never manage to clean the plate but I reckon I will back to this eating place very soon…. next time I will ask for pork xxxx

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