20 November 2011

Good Online Deal

This week received 2 of my great online purchased…. but I have to wait impatiently for more almost 2 week to have this goods on my palm. 

Deal 1… A replacement battery for my netbook. The original dead more than 4mths ago but I so reluctant to spend $$ a new one. So for days, lost my mobility when go online.

The average price for this battery offer by local online store is more than $100. EXpensive leh

2011-11-17 16.42.42

After some searched I found the best price I could get was $45 thru supplier from China. The risk I have to take for this deal is I have to place order direct to the seller instead of thru eBay or Amazon as they no more put up this model on site. I took the risk and very pleased to get the battery delivered to me eventually. So far the batter work fine with my netbook. Good deal indeed.


Deal 2 : A few days after above transaction. I started to look for another way to spend my $$ again. This time… I want a wireless Bluetooh earphone which beside function as receive call, it also can play MP3 music (normal solution for this was have a wire connected to your phone for music)

Again, local online price is $80+ but I get below set thru Amazon (US) at $ 57

2011-11-20 12.09.19

For last few days I enjoy the benefit of listen to music at work without letting the earphone wire blocking the movement of my arms. A very important advantage to keep up my speed. Like it.

However, above headset could not play radio station… only MP3 which mean I going to be very busy downloading more free songs to my phone now…..

What about investing on another latest set by Sony Ericsson which have the feature to play radio station ? hehehehehe… this will happen soon.. or sooner !

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Anonymous said...

yes i support sony e. ! sui. i am an online shopper. But I cut down alot for these 6 mths. spent too much. Was addicted...hand itchy,log in few times a day..see cheap,buy,then cols recommended,cheap buy..yo..until I hv to stop it!!!
It totally so convenient...cheap & delivered right to the office!