07 November 2011

Suntan or …..

WARNING : DEAD BODY IMAGETo Does Who Cannot Take This type of visual please don’t read this posting  Smile with tongue out

Saw a cat laid at road side enjoying the hot sun at noon time. Decided to get closer to check out this pussy….. and this was what I saw !!!!

2011-11-07 13.01.03

A Cat ???? A Rat ???? A Squirrel ????

Wrong Wrong Wrong… it was a dead male Possum (I saw the balls and xxx mah)

Possum is a common wild animal can see in the residential area, they only out at night and they fest on fruits which consider a pest if they come and harvest your plant….Wonder is the body still there when I using that route on next few days….. yeeeeee


uggsoutlet said...

The them of your blog is so cool !and your posts are so interesting ,thanks for sharing.

Anonymous said...

hey buddy Tom, u can continue blogging as there is pple reading it..only most lazi to comment.sui