04 November 2011

Kiddy Kiddy Me

This was the chocolate yogurt I had this morning during my coffee break…. 

2011-11-03 10.57.23

Can you see the colourful tiny M&M chocolates at the corner ?

They were so tiny and sweet and cute…. like it like it like it…. and I have to confess that this is not an adult food…. hehehehe….. it is for kid… I grabbed it from supermarket rack because almost expire price…. meaning 60% discount….. I avoid my colleagues when I had it…. so salah oh !


Anonymous said...

hi.. 5 yo Tom ! i confessed i like M&M choc too..but not that yoghurt choc. sui

Esther said...

That chocolate yoghurt looks like heaven! I am in love with anything chocolate flavoured, chocolate custard, chocolate yoghurt, mousse, cake, hot chocolate. You could call me a chocoholic!