08 November 2011

Another dead body

OMG…. why I keep on blogging on scary subject…

Took this photo on Monday morning (before I bump into the dead Possum) However, I believe this next photo less horrible because it is common to see such a cute sleeping beauty right ?

2011-11-07 06.12.11

This friend of mine was busy flight in and out my apartment on weekend. Since I do not have the plastic slap stuff… I just ignore it and treat it like transparent…. when the zzzzzzzzz sound gone… I thought it decided to look for new victim…. actually not lor…. it just running out of battery after too much zzzzzzz…. 

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

wow! possum..steady lar...i need check dictionary for meaning. Summer time, lots of insects out of hibernation after winter & spring lar. sui