17 November 2011

Adele’s Mash Up by Glee Cast

OMG… Glee team made it again. They mash up the hit songs from Adele into a superb unique song in the final episode of 2011.

I found that clip at below YouTube link

Am a fan of Adele and now I am also turn into a serious fan of Santana (the character in Glee) She getting more and more outstanding from the group of ladies. Indeed the mash up song from above clip was meant for her (the episode focus on her character)

Look at her angry and sad face…  awesome. Next thing to do is search for this song and download to my phone.


Anonymous said...

surprise u see glee too !

my col is a great fan. she post up glee songs on her FB. i so so into it only. sui

Ah Tom said...

I never miss a single episode of GLEE......

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Anonymous said...

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How about world war hulk vs. superman prime

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