18 October 2011

Curry Curry Currrrrrry

Enough of having no taste Curry Chicken at local Asian store (included Indian restaurant) Basically the smell is not there and the not spicy at all….. and  still charged me with premier price.

Present here my home cooked…. mmmm…. sound a bit too expert because I don’t really mixed the recipe, instead using instant package recipe…..

2011-10-17 20.26.56

Saliva already flow by just look at the colour of the gravy right ? Waiting until you have it in your mouth…… yoooo… no horse run !

Last night was my 3rd attempted in preparing this curry dish… previous section fail because I thrown the entire chicken thigh into the paste which end up took longer time to cook. At the end, the centre of the meat still not thoroughly cooked and the gravy turned hard. Yuck….

2011-10-17 21.03.53

What I did with above paste was put it together with chopped pieces chicken meat…. added some can coconut milk (Ayam Brand laaa) Simmer it under medium fire for 15mins….. yoooooo…. saliva dripping smell emitted out from wok…..

My Sis said lucky me as I can get this type of paste in KoalaLand only… than I surprised her by sent the the next photo….

2011-10-17 21.23.29

Experience tell me that in order to get a real spicy recipe, the source must be origin from LionLand or BolehLand… the strange thing is it’s not easy to get the pack back there… wonder !

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Anonymous said...

practice does improve mann. Keep it up. Cook for me oh if i make it there. must add lady fingers & potatoes wan hor. Can aso carry bck curry powder for yr sis. sui