07 August 2011

A student apartment

Saw the ad “Apartment for Sale” on newspaper. It caught my attention because the selling price was half of a normal apartment price so no harm to check out this property right ?

So this was how the building look like. Brand new.

2011-07-31 13.15.47

Upon enter the room, a small cooking pantry on the left… further down a big window with study table ready.

2011-07-31 13.12.23

Than to the right of the entrance, the bath room. Not too small and come with a glass partition shower area. ( Oop…. the hot uncle image was captured by the glass of shower area)

2011-07-31 13.12.30

Next come the next small room along the side of bath room or to the right side of the study table. It is a fully partition bedroom but not for double bed to fit in. Meaning no chance to honey honey with soul mate at night time Party smile

2011-07-31 13.12.45

At the end of the bed room was a small balcony… lovely right ?

2011-07-31 13.12.39

I love this concept and would love to move in immediately. So little space is good, it just take less than 5mins for housekeeping.

However, it all just a dream because the real estate agent told me only STUDENT allow to stay in this building… grrrr….. the sale ad was meant for peoples who want to invest on property than rent out to student. HATE this condition/requirement but still love this type of tiny apartment….


David said...

Oh, yes, too bad, you would have loved it. Maybe you will still find another good deal like that.

Anonymous said...

yr dear can afford to buy this apartment lar. Think of it, still can make $ out of it in future. Sui