06 August 2011

Cara Cara Oranges

This is Cara Cara Oranges…..

2011-07-31 20.28.48

I also don’t know what it is (usually I lazy to read the label) but since the name so special so grabbed one pack go home to try.

Only look into the label when I unpack… so it origin from South America. If I am not wrong, it is seasonal fruit.

Quick Quick time to taste fruit. This was how the orange fresh look like..

2011-08-01 15.47.59

It taste good but not super great though…. the feeling is something hybric between grapefruit and orange. Sweet but not sour… not a plus to me Thinking smile

mmm….. the colour so much darker than normal navel orange. I have another photo to make comparison of both oranges at below.

2011-08-02 14.44.26

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