05 August 2011

On Summons

As a postman, the most common type of mails we need to handle are utility (water, electricity, gas), phone, council fee, invoices etc. All these mail made our job less interesting because nobody will be happy to see a postman passed by their gate with either of these mails. 

Another horrible mail that easy can piss off a person is when they see a traffic summon, parking fine mail in their box. Lot of peoples just ignore the fine until infringement letter from court follow up. Normally it could be 1 to 5 such mails shoot in…. in an odd occasion, the quantity could blow up to 10 – 15….

BUT… could it be as scary as a huge stack like below photo ?

2011-08-02 07.28.36

oh ya…. no kidding. This person got this stack of envelope on ONE day…. Let’s make assumption of $100 per fine…… I made extra effort by counted the no of envelope wrapped by the band…. ha….. 97 pcs… this mean almost $10,000 if paid fully…. die la die la

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Anonymous said...

Problem is that person still living at that address? Over here, we hv encountered summons not paid for past 5 yrs..owner not found or contactable. Sui