07 August 2011

Pair of Shoes

These is the pair of new shoe I bought on Friday afternoon.

2011-08-06 12.48.01

It is from hiking series. It is waterproof. It look smart. It is very durable made. It is high cut. It also not too cheap, price at $140/-

However I bought it not with the purpose to have outdoor recreation activity. Instead, I been looking for such pairs of shoe for weeks to replace my more than 1yr old safety shoe I wore for work.

Am totally excited for managed to find this shoes. It cost me only $70/- because 50% sales. What more ?? I can claim back about $50 from my company. The best part is it don’t look cheap on foot and the good design should help to make my feet less painful when have it on for longer period of time.

Best of all, it is waterproof, this mean rain water will be enemy no more. Nerd smile


David said...

Yes, you got a good deal and very good shoes!

Anonymous said...

definitely needed for yr kind of work. Sui