09 August 2011

The Lost Thing by Shaun Tan


The Lost Thing is a 15 minute animated short film based on the highly acclaimed picture book by multi award winning author and illustrator, Shaun Tan

Took notice of this short film because it won The Best Short Animated  Film prize of 2011 Academy Award (Oscar)

Recorded this 15mins colourful short movie since 2 mths ago but never watch it till 2 days ago and I never have the feeling of time wasted.

Though I not able the absorb the total message of the writer but I am amazed by the interesting way of him creating a story. Love the animation, imagination on how a world could be look like and the colour of the film. It just very much different of any animation video and I like the different.

I hope most of you like it too and get your kids to watch it.


David said...

Yes, that was beautiful. I liked it too.

Anonymous said...

k.thats for tonite...work busy mah. Sui