08 August 2011

Almost Tasty

This was my dinner for Monday night…..

2011-08-08 20.56.57

Seriously, not too bad (had a few attempts previously and all of them…. FAIL badly)

Just a simple stir fried using raw noodle. Must be I did something right or it else the end result will not be consumable but I am not really sure what I did Smile with tongue out  Never mind, the next time I want to eat fried noodle, I just using same steps as my basic requirement.

HOWEVER, I will cut down the oil in the wok…. too oily for above plate… until I felt like a layer of oil coated all over the noodle string… yeeeeee


David said...

Good for you, it looks tasty!

Anonymous said...

Practise makes perfect! Sui