08 August 2011

A Garlic

The photo below is to show you on a garlic, the garlic I bought recently and think it is different.

So you must be thinking… wow… No more subject to blog… now have to go for a small white garlic ! Right ?!

2011-07-26 18.59.35

Previously, I used garlic produce by PandaLand in my dishes. The are 5-10 times cheaper than KoalaLand grown garlic BUT I have to put up with the condition of it got rotten faster and the internal area of garlic look very messy when cut open. KoalaLand garlic are bigger in size and less layer to peel off. It smell strong and firm when cut open. 

Now back to the special garlic in today posting. Take a closer look at this very special type of garlic (which also produce by KoalaLand)

2011-07-26 19.06.44

Can you see what so WOW about this type of garlic ?

I am so wow of it because this garlic come in ONE single piece ! YES… just one complete garlic after removed the layer. To me, an ordinary garlic is you have a big layer wrap around many small section of garlic and we can just pull out the amount need for cooking.

AS for above garlic, upon remove the outer layer, you see a fresh white complete garlic waiting to cut & use.

So tell me… it is something WOW to you too or I just very shallow and know too little of cooking material ? 


David said...

Yes, that big garlic is good. No need to peel individual cloves, all one big piece to chop. I would like it too. I have never seen it.

Anonymous said...

Yes.WOW!Singaland no such garlic.Sui
i like it..save up all the tearing cloves by cloves & flimsy white skin all over it.