09 August 2011

Online Purchased

I consider myself as a tech savvy uncle because I loved to do anything online. I stop using pen n paper unless no choice. Jumped on Online banking transaction before 2000 and online payment as soon as the deal were ready than. Of cause engaged online flight ticket booking was something happen long ago to me.

The only online activity which I never do online until early this 2011 was purchase stuff online.

My lost my online purchase virginity on March this year. Had to order a special connector to repair my Samsung Galaxy because I messed up the phone than. It was a simple one because the seller was local and i used credit card to do payment.

My second happened on June, this time for Galaxy 2 accessories . Again, had to go online because the stuffs were not on market yet. Also using credit card to settle transaction. 

Next come my latest transaction. This time more interesting because I order a USB cable from Hong Kong supplier. This meant involved postage and longer duration for delivery.

2011-07-28 07.03.03

It was kind of interesting to experience how the online purchased carry out. The waiting time was fun too, got my goods in slightly more than 1 wk. Another new achievement for this 3rd attempt was I changed my payment method to PayPal (no more credit card no given out to stranger)

I am fully happy with Online Purchased now so dear retail shop owner…. you can start to miss me. The things in my online order waiting list are External HDD, Camera, tablet reader, Netbook battery… The reason for not doing it now is money not enough…

Anyone of you as online transaction mad ? Any experience to share ?


David said...

Yes, I love shopping online, it's so fun, mostly amazon.com.

Anonymous said...

Yes,, use paypal & creditable websites which track yr shipment & contactable too.

I use to purchase online too.. HK,Korea,US..esp when US currency goes down, our purchases is value for money.

But I do come across, what u see on screen & actual item received is TOTALLY not acceptable. Then complain..had to ship back using own postage!!! & then waiting time again...kind of frustating.

Anonymous said...

oh ya...can provide me yr website purchase? There r too many online,sound so attractive but abit scare. Sui

But pls dun buy fm pple's blog. We ever kanna, that seller a/c site got hacked, then we almost cannot get our money back. After 1 & half mth, chased & chased then got back. phew!!
tis is wat the so called taipei banane 3-D bag!!! was so hot online that time. hehehe.