21 July 2011

Wayne Rogers–Australia’s Got Talent

Than come this shockening Wayne Rogers…. A MAN who have a good strong voice… mmmm…. let view the photo of him on stage performance his piece of song.


oh ya… no mistake, this was how he dress like……

When I 1st saw him on audition episode, I saluted him for his gut but I told myself he have no chance to get audience votes in following stage (the judges put him into second stage)

The following video was the second stage show which I thought will not get public vote. So here come Roger and his feathers again…

To my big surprise, he proceeded straight to the next level due to the strong support from Australian…. the local here obviously support good talent instead of look judge people by look.

He was kind of hit in YouTube because I just realised someone already upload his latest performance (last night) song online.

I do agree with the judge comments that the above show was not as great as the first 2, hopefully he will go for the GRAND FINAL next week. Love to see his feathers….


Anonymous said...

Exactly..i told u i love to see his performance...so daring to show his face lines of wrinkles & his slim smooth hairless leg..OMG...everytime I see his performance reminds me of Las Vegas MGM show. Sui

Anonymous said...

Sad Belle Air is out as well as Beau, the contortionist. He injuried, fell down & still performed stunningly yet the votes r not enough for him to get thru. Sui

Wayne Rogers said...

I am glad you enjoyed my performances. My last performance was out of my control. They picked the song and outfit unfortunately. It was a great experience but I am not sure I would do it again. They own you and get the final say.
You can check out my Facebook page to see what I am up to.