22 July 2011

Wendi Deng, Rupert Murdoch’s wife

Last few days, the world were busy on Rupert Murdoch news…. blah blah blah for days…. boring boring….

However, thing suddenly turn excited to me on Wed when both father and son was forced to sit down to face UK MP…. than oh….. nah…. this totally awesome video clip captured the real action of Mrs Murdoch when a good for nothing comedian tried to get media attention by attacking Wendi love hubby. Ladies…. see for yourself how to act like a real woman when your husband need your present !!!

Before this incident, I am not even know Rupert have a Asian wife (China lady oh !!!! DRAGON)

With this video clip out in the world, now the market value for Asian girls, especially Chinese sure shot sky high.

Again.. Steady lah, Wendi 姐姐。姐姐妹妹站起来

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