21 July 2011

Liam Burrows – Australia’s Got Talent

2nd week of semi-final show before Grand Final on next week. Among the 9 performance, I would like to high light out 2 of my favourite.

First, lets look at Liam Burrows….. a small build 17yo young boy with the voice of Frank Sinatra class. Below link show his audition clip

Once he step in front of camera and open up his mouth….. he got my attention fully.

Than come next stage of selection, again…. he delivered another old fashion song without any problem.

I am waiting for yesterday performance by Liam to be up on YouTube… hope the wait will not be too long

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Liat doesnt attract my attention much.

Why didnt u put up MAJESTIC! final (1) show. She wore that lacey transculent BLUE tight & wore a masquerade eye mask -- so sexy & when she uses the tight rope combination with hubbie.. my GOD..the attention is on her BUTT. So stunning use of the tight rope by them makes my eyes so big & mouth gasping open. Sui.