20 July 2011

Grass coated vehicle

Look at this commercial vehicle….. don’t you agree the colour look a little bit not normal ?

2011-07-19 11.09.59

Next photo is a close up to the front panel…….

2011-07-19 11.10.13

Yah… no kidding….. GRASS grown all over the vehicle….. hehehehe….the clever owner glued artificial grass all over the body of the van.

Have you figure out by now why he made his van in such a special condition ? Ok… let me give him a free promotion thru my blog…

2011-07-19 11.10.43

Call above no if you need some help at your garden ok !

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

I ever saw in Spore too. Is a kangaroo Van but oni display the grass on the roof top of the van.oso a Design Lanscape company.
Fm : JJ