19 July 2011

Meaty Pie

Today lunch was massive….. a big piece of meat pie (Greek way) and she gave me a piece of fried potato (on the house… such a nice lady yeah)

Nah… this was my pie (the one on the right side)

2011-07-19 13.14.28

Nice leh….. the filling was beef… taste very much like sausage.

What scary was the amount of meat inside the pie…

2011-07-19 13.21.02

OMG…. can you agree If I say LOT ? !!! In fact I fail the finish this pie…. I left a few bite behind at the end.


David said...

Yum! Yes, a lot of meat.

Anonymous said...

yes..so meaty with thin crust. Wish I can hv 1 bite! Sui

Anonymous said...

Now u make me hungry for pie...I gg to buy polar rendang beef pie liao..then i wil watapps U. hmmm! Sui