20 June 2011

On Air (2) – Jetstar

Next come my opinion on Jetstar. This was my second time taking this airline.

ONE thing I loved about Jetstar flight is the seat. The leather was clean and the seat also comfy. Unlike AA which have very small space for legs, Jetstar more roomy between the front seat. So I can twist here turn there during the long journey.

As for on air meal, same same as AANo Money No Coffee and it cost more the have a meal in Jetstar. I paid AUD 15 for the rice and another AUD 3 for the can drink.

2011-06-18 23.00.38

The most horrible finding I discovered from Jetstar was they only accept credit card payment for transaction. If you only have CASH than sorry….. GO hungry…. no food or drink for you Green with envy

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Anonymous said...

cos they dun wan money laundering prob. by crew cabins. There is a case of such dispute last time. Sui