21 June 2011

On Air (3) – Cathay Pacific

Now come another posting on my on air experience. The airline which have a seat that impressed me so much is Cathay Pacific. Why ?

See the first picture below……

2011-06-08 09.41.15

Instead of the standard flat head rest, this fleet came with an adjustable support. With it, you will not see my head swinging left and right when I am in my deep zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz….

Next, I discovered the seat also came with cloth hanger.

2011-06-08 09.40.58

That’s not all… I found another special feature in this plane which I believe lot of you have not come across yet…. mmm… let me show you in photo !!!

2011-06-08 10.39.33

Can see the power point ??? Wow…. can charge my phone or notebook while on air busy surfing.. Great design right ?

Lastly…. I found one more feature in this plane which I do not have idea what it is for…..

2011-06-08 09.36.44

The blue leather stuff mount onto seat bell….. still have not figure out what it is for…… any one know the answer ?

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

I guess its better cushion support for yr tummy in case of plane shock/bad turbulence.

Why didnt u ask the cabin crews serving you. It's their privilege to enlighten you of your queries. Sui