27 May 2011

Real Ang Mor Tan

Have not put up photos of flower or plant for a while…. mmm…. time to get back to this subject. In fact I have hundreds of photos of flowers which blossom only on Autumn which I snap from time to time. Let see how many of them I will put up here for sharing. Will try lar..

Lets start this subject with Ang Mor Tan (Rambutan) A kind of season fruit in SEA. Ok, lets Google for a photo of AngMorTan and put it up next…. 


Of cause there is no possibility to see any rambutan tree or fruit at KoalaLand since this tree only grow in hot country.

However, I have the chance to capture the photos of 2 Ang Mor Tan lookalike plants recently….

2011-05-25 09.44.16

Ha….. got the shape right ? How about the next one ?

2011-05-23 12.47.20

Ok, no need to ask me can eat or not because I will not waste my time to try it out… obviously it is not for consuming right ? So alien look ! 

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

The leaf!!! is more attractive! My eyes on it 1st then the rambutan. hehe.

I think u study botany suits u perfectly..then becomes a botanist. Sui