26 May 2011


Time to make a free promotion for Maggi, the ever famous instant noodle.

Saw this new package so brought 2 packs back home the same day. Made a quick dictionary search just now, Fusian => the merging of different elements into an elements.

2011-05-25 20.53.192011-05-25 20.54.00

I opened up Satay flavour and cooked as dinner for last night. As usual, small lump of mee…. one pack too little, two pack too much Steaming mad  Inside the pack consist of 4 small packs, a soya sauce, a satay power, an oil pack and a flavour pack. Wow… for non-Asian market, the manufacturer decided to pack more patent patent just to impress the customers.

Since it is a FUSIAN formula, I already get ready to have a non so satay noodle but it surprise me more after first bite… MANA ada satay ?? Apa ini !? (Where got anything related to satay !!)

So I thought.. never mind lar.. KoalaLand factory not understand what is Satay…. than oh…. picked up the plastic wrapper from the bin and look for the manufacturing location….. OMG.. Camera out and shot !

2011-05-25 21.30.30

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