28 May 2011

Ang Mor Tan (II)

This is a follow up story on my previous day Ang Mor Tan posting.

Came across this this look alike plant again yesterday. This time I decided to spend a few extra mins to probe this plant.

1st, I took a better picture of this flower (not fruit)… closer and clear !

2011-05-27 12.28.59

Actually the shape of this flower is form by many straight red (bottom half) and yellow (end half) filaments (mmm…. not sure the right word)

The next photo show the origin of the flower (before blossom bud) It was wrapped under the yellow parts than.

2011-05-27 12.29.11

What a amazing way of flowering  Surprised smile

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Anonymous said...


u r right. Its filament..2day i am quite free to do some research. hehehe. Sui