01 April 2011

KFC’s The Double

This is The Double promotion poster Surprised smile

2011-03-31 13.25.04

A new KFC menu which introduce to the market early this week.

A combo set cost me A$ 9.95….. mmmm…… ok lar

2011-03-31 12.53.25

I heard about this meal on local radio station. They said this meal originally introduced at US and named as Double Down. It turn into a hit and stay at the menu since than.

2011-03-31 12.53.53

The unique part about this new burger is it don’t have roti (bread) to wrapped the bacon & cheese. This very basic main ingredient of burger was replaced by 2 big pieces of chicken….. don’t believe ? Look at the next 2 pictures !   

2011-03-31 12.55.16

Yes… big big piece of Chicken … Tua Tua Teh !  See also scare…. eat leh…. mmm… initially good but after a while I started to miss the roti taste…  Confused smile

2011-03-31 12.55.08

So how I fair it ? Ok lar… something special and the overall taste is not bad… pssss… I don’t like other menu of KCF in KoalaLand… the burger just not really taste as good as where I from….

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freddylegrande said...

ha cool i saw an advert for this too but never tried it nice too see your opinion. if you have a sec come check my blog out too http://linkterestingprocrastination.blogspot.com/