31 March 2011

A Phone

Picked up this phone on my way to work this morning… around 6am

2011-03-31 06.52.23

Decided to hold it till the owner contact me… right ? In my logic mind, the owner should ring me before noon and come to claim it back ASAP..

Look at the time now…. 8pm and still I nothing happen ! This person no only never bother about the missing phone, he/she not even call the phone network to suspend the connection… what happen if the person who find this phone started to ring around the world ?

Very strange people …. I will just wait and see what happen next !


Ah Tom said...

just as i finished posting this sub.. the phone SMS tone came.. thought the owner try to look for the phone but what i found was this msg =>

Where are you ? I need to piss !

wow lau eh !

Anonymous said...

haha..it's juz strange how ang mohs react. Sui