02 April 2011

AB Rio – Smugglers’s Den

I spent most of my Sat afternoon in playing Angry Bird Rio, at the end of the day… I completed all the challenge in Smugglers’s Den (the first chapter) Secret telling smile It was a good decision to hide inside the room as it was very cool at outside…. the autumn is here. weeeeeeeeeeeeee

So here is my score….


All STARS and all Pineapple collected !!! Weeeeee  Nyah-Nyah

It was a crazy experience as I had to install a non-official version due to Android Market not putting it up at beginning of introduction. Than on Thu suddenly they decided to published the full version in this common market for fans…. again. Thumbs up

DSC00002 (2)

I reliased my non-official version would not link up with the Market version so I have no choice but to deleted it (or else when come to update moment, I can get the game)  This meant I lost all my last few days lastic result… Vampire bat

What to do, after installed I start all over beating for game 1. Thought this could be the last time I start from Zero but no lor…. on Friday afternoon, my Galaxy cannot open Angry Birds Rio APP… What !? Can’t play.. Can’t access, all score gone AGAIN  !!!!

OMG…. uninstalled than install again… that was the reason why I am so busy today…. Lastic for hours to get the chapter 1 or Rio settle.

Now all down…. no more lastic for next few hours……


Anonymous said...

Friend, u type the word "lastic" so many times. I tot it was some new word...but there isnt such word! Sui

Ah Tom said...

lastic (in Malay) is an action of pulling sling.